Video: Cut Time, Not Corners: 5 Steps to Efficiently Manage Defects across Shared Code

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1When working on projects with large codebases that re-use components, it can be hard to identify which projects and products are affected by defects in shared code. How do you understand the impact of defects in your shared components? How do you analyze and prioritize the defects in your shared components so you know what to fix first, or not at all? How do you effectively track defect status and history across shared code?

Attend this webcast and you will learn five steps you can take to make the process of finding and fixing defects across shared code more efficient to increase developer productivity and reduce the risk of a schedule slip.

In this 30 minutes session you will learn:
• How to effectively scan your software to identify hard to spot defects in shared code
• How to identify which projects and products are impacted by defects to prioritize which defects should be fixed first
• What actions and best practices are needed to ensure the necessary fixes are implemented to prevent defects from entering the field