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XPand1202from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
The XPand1202 provides a low-cost, flexible, VITA 67 development platform. This system supports standard SBC and...

TR MS1/321from Concurrent Technologies, Inc.
A ruggedized 3U VPX Mass Storage Module ...
  • A single 2.5-inch SATA300 mass storage drive
  • Conduction-cooled to VITA 48.2
  • Compatible with several OpenVPX module profiles
  • 3U VPX form factor (VITA 46.0, VITA 48.0)
  • Operating mechanical, VPX N-Series: shock - VITA 47 Class OS1

6U VPX Processor Board VX6060from Kontron
VX6060 is the computing tool that MAG HPEC users have been waiting for ...
  • Implemented as two independent computing nodes, attached to a powerful Ethernet and PCIe infrastructure, the Kontron VX6060 is the ideal building block for intensive parallel computing loads
  • VPX (VITA 46), OpenVPX (VITA 65) and VPX REDI (VITA 48)
  • Two Intel Core i7 processors with integrated DDR3 Memory Controller
  • Ideal for high performance embedded computing and multiprocessor systems for radar, sonar and imaging systems

OpenVPX Test and Development Backplanefrom Elma Electronic
The 12-slot 3U OpenVPX backplane enables complex, high-speed signal processing system development, supporting co...
  • First backplane to support the IEEE 1588 precision timing protocol with radial clock card slot and seven supporting slots for timing and synchronization for sub-microsecond precision
  • Developers can deploy the backplane in its entirety or in part by working with suppliers to identify optimal configurations

Multiposition RF connector modules from TE Connectivity
New RF connector modules designed for rugged embedded computing applications that leverage the OpenVPX architect...
  • The TE modules offer a standardized microwave interface and also meet the requirements of C4ISR applications such as communication systems and ground base stations, avionics, ground-based radar systems, and other applications
  • VITA 67 standards enable the addition of RF capabilities in VITA 46 (VPX) board-to-board connections
  • RF modules are available with standard four positions (VITA 67.1) or eight positions (VITA 67.2) of high-frequency coaxial contacts for blind-mate daughtercard-to-backplane applications

cPCI-VPX-VME Packaging Solutionsfrom Pixus Technologies
Pixus Technologies provides Eurocard packaging solutions for CompactPCI, VPX, and VME architectures. Pixus suppo...
  • VPX/OpenVPX: 1U – 9U rackmount and desktop units supporting 2 to 21 slot VPX and OpenVPX backplanes; Complies with VITA 46, VITA 48, VITA 65 VITA 1, VITA 1.1, IEC 60 297-3 and IEEE 1101.1/1101.10/1101.11

XPedite7670from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
  • Supports Intel® Xeon® D processors (formerly Broadwell-DE)
  • 3U VPX (VITA 46) module
  • Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI) per VITA 48

VPX6-218 6U OpenVPX XMC Carrier Cardfrom Curtiss-Wright
The VPX6-218 6U OpenVPX to XMC Carrier Card provides great flexibility to system integrators needing to expand t...

VPX6-218 6U OpenVPX XMC Carrier Cardfrom Curtiss-Wright
The VPX6-218 6U OpenVPX to XMC Carrier Card provides great flexibility to system integrators needing to expand t...

CHAMP-WB-A25Gfrom Curtiss-Wright
The CHAMP-WB-A25G couples the dense processing resources of a single large Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA with a high-band...
  • Onboard PCIe Gen3 switch
  • OpenVPX (VITA 65) MOD6-PER-4F-12.3.1-8; MOD6-PER-1Q-12.3.5-2 VPX REDI (VITA 48 option)

FR 331/306from Concurrent Technologies, Inc.
Fabric switch board to complement their range of single board computers ...
  • Compatible with the VPX-REDI RCx-Series
  • x4 PCIe (Gen1 or Gen2) data plane (VITA 46.4)
  • 1000 Base-BX unmanaged control plane (VITA 46.6)
  • Temperature Grades: 0°C to +55°C (N-Series)

CHAMP-WB-D25Gfrom Curtiss-Wright
The CHAMP-WB-D25G couples the dense processing resources of a single large Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA with a high-band...
  • Single user-programmable Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs (X690T), with 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM
  • Onboard PCIe Gen3 switch

T-Frame for OpenVPX (VITA 65)from Tracewell Systems, Inc.
Tracewell's popular T-Frame development platform is now available for OpenVPX ...
  • Patented open frame design offers unparalleled front and rear access for test/debug
  • VIPER connector option per VITA 60
  • Advanced Voltage/Current/Temp monitoring with LCD display and Ethernet for remote monitoring and control
  • Fault protection with user selectable thresholds

OpenVPX SMM6100from Mercury Systems
The Ensemble 6000 Series OpenVPX SMM6100 Switch and Management Module is designed as a VITA 46 VPX-compliant mod...
  • GbE switching for up to 18 VPX payload slots via the onboard Broadcom Level 2 managed switch
  • Implements 6U VPX system management capabilities, allowing the switch module to intelligently manage the entire system from a single point

VPX Processor Board VX3230from Kontron
Ultra Low Power 3U VPX Single Board Computer ...
  • 1 GHz Freescale MPC8544 32-bit PowerPC Processor
  • Easy Bring Up: Turnkey 3U VPX Computer Offering

VPX Backplanes and Accessoriesfrom ELMA Electronic
Bustronic offers the largest range of VPX/OpenVPX Backplanes and Accessories in the industry ...
  • Compliant to the latest VITA 46 and VITA 65 specifications
  • 2-slot test backplane makes development easy with wide slot spacing, rear IO/RTM access, SMA contacts, and more
  • Industry's only VPX Extender board solution
  • VPX cabling solution for development and deployment

Model 5973-324from Pentek, Inc.
  • Supports Xilinx Virtex-7 VXT FPGAs
  • 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
  • PCI Express (Gen. 1, 2 & 3) interface up to x8
  • Optional optical Interface for gigabit serial interboard communication
  • Ruggedized and conduction- cooled versions available

MULTIGIG RT 2-Rfrom TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’s MULTIGIG RT 2-R Connector quad-redundant contact system offers rugged survivability with...
  • Compliant to VITA 46 for Open VPX applications
  • Modular, lightweight connector system
  • Differential, single-ended and power
  • Supports 0.8 inch card slot pitches
  • Can be combined with high power modules (VITA 62), RF modules (VITA 67) and Optical modules (VITA 66)

OpenVPX Backplanesfrom ELMA Electronic
VPX and OpenVPX backplanes ...
  • 3U and 6U sizes

Stackable Single-Slot Test Fixturefrom LCR Embedded Systems
The VITA 48.2-compliant Single Slot Test Fixture can be used for development, validation, and environmental test...
  • 6U Card size, 3U optional
  • Bolted machined aluminum construction
  • Ideal for testing, development, and validation

EZ3-VX3020from Kontron
A turnkey x86 3U VPX/OpenVPX platform ...
  • VITA 46 Slots for Extensions
  • USB ports
  • Serial ports
  • Preinstalled Linux

VPX7652: 3U VPX Single Board Computer from Orion Technologies Inc.
This ultra-high-performance 3U VPX SBC is available with four levels of ruggedization, from standard and REDI ai...
  • 3U VPX commercial to conduciont cooled
  • 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X PMC slot (PrPMC)
  • Supports OpenVPX profiles

5-slot, 6-slot 3U OpenVPX backplanesfrom Pixus Technologies
OpenVPX (VITA 65) is a process that defines system level VPX interoperability for multi-vendor, multi-module, in...
  • 3U Hybrid backplane designs
  • Custom rear IO options

VP680from 4DSP
The VP680 is a high performance VITA 46 (VPX) standard compliant card with advanced digital signal processing ca...
  • High density Memory Options using BLAST sites: DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM, QDR2 SRAM, NAND FLASH
  • Front Panel FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)
  • Gen 1 and Gen 2 PCI Express

VPX/OpenVPX Series VITA 46/48/65 Backplanesfrom SIE Computing Solutions, Inc.
VPX backplanes designed to the latest VITA 46, 48 and 65 standards ...
  • Range of full mesh VPX and OpenVPX configurations and profiles
  • VITA 46, 48 and 65 compliant
  • 28 layer board

VPX-598xfrom Dawn VME Products, Inc.
Dawn’s Gen3 3U OpenVPX backplanes are designed for true signal integrity at up to 10.3 Gbaud ...
  • Supporting PCIe Gen3 and 10 GbE (XAUI
  • Multiple connector choices, including a high vibration option

Half ATR for 3U OpenVPXfrom ELMA Electronic
1/2 ATR, conduction-convection cooled ...
  • 6 Slot, 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) backplane, 1" pitch
  • Aluminum dip-brazed design to meet rugged environments
  • Accommodates fix mount or plug-in 28VDC power supplies

ISC-6326from Creative Electronic Systems
6U VPX Intelligent Switching PMC / XMC Carrier Board ...
  • Two onboard PMC / XMC slots
  • One configurable PCIe x8 on primary XMC (VITA 42.3)

6U VPX VITA 48 REDI DC-DC Converterfrom Century Electronics
6U VPX VITA 48 REDI DC-DC Converter ...
  • 3U and 6U form factors
  • All power supply models can be customized to exact customer specification as Spec Sheet shown

101VPX306S-1X51R-Ofrom ELMA Electronic
3U OpenVPX backplanes that comply with the latest VITA 46 specifications and are OpenVPX compliant ...
  • High-speed MULTIGIG connector
  • Twisted ring routing topology

3220Qfrom CSP Inc. (CSPI) MultiComputer Division
The 3220Q 6U OpenVPX Blade Server, with a dual socket Intel® Xeon® processor and QuickPath Interconnec...
  • 4 Cores/8 Threads per socket
  • 2.13 GHz Core clock
  • 8/16 GB DDR3 ECC protected device-down Memory
  • 32 Lanes of PCIe Gen2 to the OpenVPX Data and Expansion Planes
  • Full IPMC Implementation for compliance with future VITA 46.11 Management Standard

3220Qfrom CSP Inc. (CSPI) MultiComputer Division
6U OpenVPX Blade Server, with a dual socket Intel® Xeon® processor and QuickPath Interconn...
  • 4 Cores/8 Threads per socket
  • 8/16 GB DDR3 ECC protected device-down Memory
  • FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand, 10/40 GbE support with a companion card
  • Two 000Base-T interfaces to VITA-46.6 Ethernet Control Plane
  • Full IMPC implementation for compliance with future VITA 46.11 Management Standard

VITA 46 Multigig RTfrom TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity’s MULTIGIG RT2 backplane connector family is the high reliability standard for VXS (VITA 4...
  • 10 Gbps performance
  • ESD trace in support of 2 Level Maintenance and flat rock compliant pin board attach
  • reduces SWaP

3U VITA62 Power Supply Board from UCAS
3U VITA62 Power Supply Board, as one of the UCAS OpenVPX 3U series product, provides multiple output voltage of ...
  • High power output
  • Multiple voltage adaptability
  • 3U conduction-cooling

VPX3-215from Curtiss-Wright
VPX3-215 has been designed to handle both PMC and XMC mezzanine cards ...
  • Available in air-cooled and conduction cooled formats
  • PMC supported up to 100 Mhz PCI-X

VITA 67.1 & 67.2from SV Microwave
RF addition to the VPX platform ...
  • Standardized microwave interconnect for convenience
  • Floating SMPM coaxial contacts ensure excellent RF performance in any mating condition
  • Customized configurations for VITA 67.3 available

VPX VITA 46 Backplanesfrom Comtel Electronics GmbH
The VPX (VITA 46) standard establishes a new direction for the next revolution in bus boards; it is a proposed A...
  • Fits within standard 6U Eurocard
  • Electronic Bus Grant (EBG)

VITA Systemsfrom ELMA Electronic
VITA system platforms available for VME64x, VXI, VXS, and VPX ...
  • Feature a rugged, modular design with a variety of configurations and customizations available
  • Optimized for cooling using thermal simulation studies

OpenVPX Backplanefrom SIE Computing Solutions, Inc.
The 3U OpenVPX backplane is based on a VITA-ratified profile and is a core design foundation developed to meet t...
  • Centralized switching topology important to military and defense applications
  • Flexible standard design that allows for multiple vendor boards and other system components without sacrificing interoperability
  • Maximum bandwidth in a compact size

Gen3 3U OpenVPX Backplanesfrom Dawn VME Products, Inc.
  • 7-Slot " BKP3-CEN07 (6 Payload + 1 Switch).
  • Supporting PCIe Gen3 and 10 GbE (XAUI).
  • Multiple connector choices, including a high vibration option.

VITA 41 VXSfrom SIE Computing Solutions, Inc.
VITA 41 VME Switched Serial (VXS) switch fabric backplane for military and aerospace applications ...
  • Supports the legacy capability of the VME64x bus structure
  • Can be customized with multiple configurations

VITA 66.1from Amphenol Aerospace
VITA 66.1 MT connector ...
  • Among the highest density of connector products on the market providing up to 24 fiber optic channels per ferrule and 48 optic channels per connector

VPX30from Pixus Technologies
  • Compliant to latest VITA 65 specifications
  • 3U backplane design
  • Selectable rear IO options

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