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Vanguard VMEBusfrom Curtiss-Wright
Networked VME Bus Analyzer (built-in Ethernet port) ...
  • Supports VME, VME64, 2eVME and 2eSST
  • 2M Sample Trace Buffer at 256 bits

Tundra Tsi148from Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
VME-to-PCI-X Bus Bridge ...
  • Sustained transfer rate of 305 MBps in 2esst – higher system bandwidth
  • Full featured master, slave, and system controller – can be used in any vme application
  • Proven vme backwards compatibility
  • vme64 Extensions 2evme and 2esst protocols bring support for higher bandwidth
  • Full vmebus system controller functionality
  • Flexible register set; programmable from both the PCI/X bus and vmebus

MVME7100from Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Emerson’s MVME7100, featuring the system-on-chip MPC864xD processor, offers a growth path for...

CPC600from Fastwel Group Co. Ltd
Intel Pentium M processor, up to 2.0 GHz with up to 2 MB L2 on-die cache running at CPU speed ...
  • PCI-X-to-vme bridge
  • Compatible with vme64 systems with legacy 96-pin headers
  • vme compliance: ANSI/VITA 1 vme64, ANSI/VITA 1.1, vme64 Extensions
  • ANSI/VITA 31.1, Gigabit Ethernet on vme64x
  • ANSI/VITA 38, system management for vmebus
  • ANSI/VITA 35, PMC-P4 pinout mapping to vme
  • ANSI/VITA 1.5, 2esst

5000from ACT/Technico
6U VME64x 2eSST PrPMC/PMC Carrier Board ...
  • Provides a high performance vmebus interface for two PMC/XMC slots with an increasing of 4x the usable bus bandwidth compared with existing solution
  • Standards supported with the vmebus interface:
  • Backward compatible with legacy protocols to preserve the existing vme system
  • vme64x extensions
  • 2evme and 2esst protocols
  • Full vmebus system controller
  • vme interface via PCI-X 64-bit bus

Tsi148 VME-to-PCI/X Bus Bridgefrom Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
Legacy protocols to protect existing VME investment ...
  • vme64 extensions
  • 2evme and 2esst protocols to bring support for higher bandwidth
  • Full vmebus system controller functionality
  • Flexible register set that is programmable from both the PCI-X bus and vmebus

VME-PMC-Caddy/2from esd gmbh
Intelligent VME Carrier Board for PMC Modules ...
  • vmebus Interface: master or slave functionality - 4-level arbiter - address/data up to A64/D64 - vme64-extension connector - 2evme and 2esst fast protocol
  • PMC Slots: slots according to IEEE Std 1386-2001 specified - two single size PMC modules insertable - vme-PCI bridge Tundra Tsi148 - PMC I/Os applied to vmebus P2, signals routed acc. to VITA 35 (P4V2-64ac, P4V0-64) - option ‘-32P2': different P2-pinning - PPMC according to VITA 32 - optional one XMC according to VITA 42.3 - PCI 64 bit at 66 MHz, 3.3 V only

Advme7511A - Scalable 6U PPC VMEfrom EUROTECH
A single slot 6U VMEbus SBC ...
  • The Advme7511A supports vme64x and 2esst (320MB/s), and can use either the system slot or non-system slot of the vmebus with automatic slot type recognition
  • An important feature of the Advme7511A is that it is scalable, i.e. it is possible to add multiple CPU boards until the required computational capacity is reached
  • With support for VxWorks, high speed transfers and scalability, the Advme7511A is a very complete and flexible platform for a wide range of projects
  • vme64x and 2esst (320MB/s) compliant

TPPC64from Themis Computer
The Themis TPPC64 is a single board VMEbus computer, based on the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor ...
  • 6U vme64 engine with IBM PowerPC 970FX processor technology
  • vme64 and traditional vme injectors are available

VME-PMC-CPU/2from esd gmbh
VME PowerPC Processor Board with 2 PMC Slots ...
  • vmebus Interface: master or slave functionality; 4-level arbiter; address/data up to A64/D64; vme64-extension connector; 2evme and 2esst fast protocol
  • PMC Slot: slots according to IEEE Std 1386-2001 specified; two single size PMC modules insertable; vme-PCI bridge Tundra Tsi148; PMC I/Os applied to vmebus P2, signals routed acc. to VITA 35 (P4V2-64ac, P4V0-64); option ‘-32P2': different P2-pinning; PPMC according to VITA 32; one XMC according to VITA 42.3; PCI 64 bit at 66 MHz, 3.3 V only

VME-PMC-CADDYfrom esd gmbh
A VMEbus carrier board for PMC mezzanines ...
  • Plug-in units according to IEEE P1386/draft 2.0 specified
  • UNIVERSE CA91C042 vme-PCI bridge
  • All PMC mezzanine I/Os applied to vmebus P2

A17from MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
6U VME 2eSST MPC8548 SBC ...
  • Up to 2 GB (ECC) DDR2 RAM

MVME3100/6100/5500 VMEbus SBCsfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Emerson Network Power VMEbus products utilize PowerPC processors to provide original equipment manufacturers (OE...
  • 2esst vmebus protocol
  • Increases vmebus performance with 2esst support
  • The 2esst protocol supports data transfers of 320 MBps across the vmebus
  • The Mvme3100 series uses a System-on-Chip (SoC) processor to deliver a wide range of functions in an efficient package and supports an MPC8540 processor running at speeds up to 800 MHz, dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and a PCI-X interface
  • vmebus interface and dual PMC-X sites
  • The Mvme6100 original 2esst release provides the same increased vmebus performance with 2esst support
  • Mvme6100 supports an MPC7457 PowerPC processor running at 1.267 GHz, dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, dual PMC-X sites, and up to 1 GB of DDR memory
  • Mvme5500 board enables higher levels of performance in a single vmebus slot
  • The Mvme5500 provides dual 64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI buses and also offers a Gigabit Ethernet interface, a 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet interface and two serial ports

VMDIS 8004from Creative Electronic Systems
VME64 display and diagnostic module ...
  • Designed to monitor vme64 and VSB bus
  • vmebus mode displays
  • Onboard control and Status registers are accessible from the vmebus through a vmebus slave interface

MVME6100 VMEbus SBCfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
First VMEbus SBC designed with the Tsi148 VMEbus interface chip offering 2eSST VMEbus performance ...
  • 2esst vmebus protocol with 320MBps transfer rate across the vmebus

VME Productsfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
VMEbus technology is employed around the world in a variety of highly demanding applications ...
  • A combination of high performance, rugged, modular construction and broad industry support makes vmebus products ideal to address the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) serving embedded computing markets
  • This process continues today with the introduction of 2esst technology in Emerson Network Power products that boost the performance and capability of vmebus technology while maintaining compatibility with existing systems over long product life cycles

CY7C960 and CY7C961from Cypress Semiconductor
VMEbus interface chip ...
  • All vme64 transactions provided, including A64/D64, A40/MD32
  • All standard (rev C) vmebus transactions implemented

MVME7100 VME dual core SBCfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
The Emerson Network Power MVME7100 single-board computer (SBC) helps OEMs of industrial, medical, and defense/ae...
  • Customers can keep their vmebus infrastructure (chassis, backplanes, and other vmebus and PMC boards) while improving performance and extending the lifecycle
  • 2esst vmebus protocol offering interoperability with products such as the Mvme6100 and Mvme3100 at higher bandwidths

A17 6U VME SBCfrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
Advanced PPC-based SBC that acts as master or slave in a legacy VMEbus environment ...
  • PowerPC MPC8548/1.33 GHz
  • Up to 2 GB (ECC) DDR2 RAM

RM149-Afrom GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
A 9U dual port VMEbus/VME64/VSB/VSB64 memory module ...
  • Single slot 9U card with combined vmebus/VSB interfaces

RIO4 8070from Creative Electronic Systems
PowerPC-Based VME 2eSST reconfigurable computer ...
  • vme64x 2esst and two separate PCIs (local / P0) for transparent multiprocessor extension
  • vme64x 2esst and two separate PCIs (local / P0) for transparent multiprocessor extension
  • Fastest vme64x 2esst autonomous controller
  • vme performance monitoring device
  • Ultra-high-speed vme multi-task context switching logic

VME320 Backplane Seriesfrom ELMA Electronic
A new type of backplane that allows data transfers at rates up to 320 Mbytes/sec, while maintaining backwards co...
  • Rise and fall times of the signals are clean and monotonic, allowing faster signaling protocols, such as the 2esst (Source Synchronous Transfer)
  • Incorporates vme64x features, including +3.3 volt and ±48 volt power distribution, hot swap capability and more ground pins

i4400from AcQ InduCom
Low-cost 6U form factor PMC/PrPMC carrier for VMEbus (VME64/VME64x) ...
  • vmebus to PCI-bus interface implemented in FPGA
  • Selectable standard vmebus addressing (A24) with byte

SCV64from Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
A VME64-to-host processor bridge ...

VME64 Extensions Power Cage IIIfrom Electronic Solutions
A 1U VMEbus enclosure ...
  • 12 vmebus slots, rack mount

VME64 Extensions Power Cage IIfrom Electronic Solutions
A VMEbus enclosure ...
  • Includes card cage, vme64 extensions backplane, power supply

RIPPENfrom ORINCON Technologies
Graphical development software for Mizar Corporation's MZ7772-4 and MZ7222-8 'C40-based DSP boards ...
  • Supports vmebus, VSB, and vme64 bus transfers between boards

V194 Streamerfrom General Micro Systems, Inc.
A PowerPC-based VMEbus computer ...
  • Can be used with standard vme64 backplanes
  • Implements the full VITA vmebus extensions
  • Supports 16-, 32-, and 64-bit vmebus transfers

VMEbus & VME64X backplanefrom Knurr USA, Inc.
A VMEbus/VME64X system ...
  • Monitoring module monitors system functions and fans, generates vmebus signals, and alerts user to deviations
  • vme64 mechanical structure facilitates push and pull with high-pole connectors

WVME141from BWI
33 MHz 68040-based computer ...
  • Standard vmebus and vme64 interface (uses VIC64)

Advme7516from EUROTECH
6U VMEbus board featuring the Freescale MPC8572E Dual-Core CPU at 1.5 GHz. The board offers up to 2 GB RAM, Flas...

VME310from Silicon Control, Inc.
A 200 MHz logic analyzer with full VMEbus and P2 bus master capabilities ...

VME64 Extensions Card Cagefrom Electronic Solutions
A VMEbus enclosure ...
  • Designed for industry-standard IEEE 1101.10-compatible vme64 extension modules

P-DIF/120from Vexcel Corporation
A VME64 interface ...
  • Programmable, multi-sensor support
  • vme64 output for processed data
  • Consists of three boards, including a recorder input board, a processor board, and a vmebus output board with DMA capabilities

CVME 603efrom Thales Computers
VME64-compliant ...
  • 2 serial ports and a parallel printer port

XChange4002from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
The XChange4002 is a versatile conduction- or air-cooled 6U VME64x dual-PMC carrier card. With PCI support betwe...
  • 6U vme64x, supporting vme64, vme64x, and 2esst
  • Conduction or air cooling

CP1006VMEfrom Solflower Computer, Inc.
CompactPCI-to-VMEbus bridge card ...
  • Serves applications that mix both vmebus and CompactPCI bus in the same subrack
  • The hardware is built with single-chip PCI-to-vmebus interface and consists of three major components
  • CP-1000vme 6U adapter, 6U vmebus backplane, and a Solaris compatible device driver

PowerEngine7from Kontron
6U VME PowerPC Single Board Computer ...
  • Low-power ALMA2e PCI/vme64 Bridge Featuring 2esst capabilities

VME / VME64 BACKPLANESfrom Mektron Systems
VME or VME64 Extensions ...

A17 VMEbus SBCfrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
6U VMEbus SBC built around Freescale's new MPC8548 and 2eSST protocol. ...
  • Two GbE, two COMs at the front

2eSSTfrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
New 2eSST, 6U VMEbus Single Board Computer reaches a data transfer rate of up to 320 MBps using a Tundra TSI148 ...
  • PowerPC MPC8548 / 1.33 GHz
  • Up to 2 GB (ECC) DDR2 RAM

MVME3100 VMEbus SBCfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
System-on-chip MPC8540 with PowerPC processor core, integrated memory controller, PCI-X interface, and I/O ...
  • 2esst vmebus protocol offering interoperability with products such as the Mvme6100 at higher bandwidths

MVME4100 VMEbus SBCfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
The MVME4100 SBC from Emerson Network Power incorporates the Freescale 8548E processor, industry-leading storage...
  • 2esst vmebus protocol with 320 MBps transfer rate across the vmebus

MVME7100 Multi-core VMEbus Single-board Computerfrom Artesyn Embedded Technologies
Up to 1.3 GHz system-on-chip Freescale MPC864xD with dual PowerPC® e600 processor cores ...
  • Dual 33/66/100MHz PMC-X sites for expansion via industry-standard modules with support for processor PMCs

A19 6U VMEbus SBCfrom MEN Micro Elektronik GmbH
6U VMEbus SBC that supports several Intel processors, from the 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo T7400 down to the single core...
  • 1-slot 2esst vmebus master and slave

2eSST support for VxWorksfrom Thales Computers
provides support for 2eSST transfers on VME systems running under VxWorks ...
  • first company to provide board-level support for 2esst capability under VxWorks
  • Support for 2esst transfers is incorporated into the VxWorks 5.5/Tornado 2.2 Board Support Package (BSP) for each system
  • minimal application code change is needed, since the existing vme application programming interface (API) is preserved in the boards' BSP.

8x0 Series bus adaptersfrom GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
70 MBps data transfers using Controller Mode DMA ...
  • vme64 bus adapters for vme64 to vme64, PCI, PMC, or CompactPCI

BenNUEY-VME64-VXS from Nallatech
6U VME64-VXS FPGA Computing Card ...

XChange4000from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)
A 6U VME64x with dual PrPMC sites ...
  • 6U vme64x supporting vme64, vme64x and 2esst

VME64 Connectorsfrom TE Connectivity
160-pin receptacle connectors for use on VME64 and VME64x backplanes ...

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