Up/downconversion goes mini

British carmaker John Cooper and , Inc. might have shared a common bond: the ability to go “Mini.” Indeed, TiaLinx’s 2W V-band transmitter and receiver modules just might set their own mini trend as they facilitate customized Giga-band link integration and shrink TiaLinx’s Eagle60 family of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) RF imaging wares down to size (literally). Developed and supported courtesy of an SBIR Phase II contract with the Office of Naval Research and the Army’s PM CCS, the TLXAR60 receiver module proffers downconversion, while the TLXAT60 transmitter does the upconversion.

The transmitter module, in the active array flavor, comprises several 57-64 GHz power amplifiers. Meanwhile, the receiver’s active-array amplifiers are low-noise, accepting signals and blending them for base-band system delivery. The modules offer a combining gain in excess of 12 dB, and the individual modules use less than 2.5 W. Module interfaces are suited for communications to/from off-the-shelf, hand-portable radar and other systems.

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