Solicitation for Voters on ANSI Ballot of ANSI/VITA 66.2-2013 and ANSI/VITA 66.3-2012 Reaffirmation

Voter registration for ANSI recognition is now open:

• ANSI/VITA 66.2-2013, Optical Interconnect on VPX - ARINC 801 Termini Variant

• ANSI/VITA 66.3-2012, Optical Interconnect on VPX - Mini Expanded Beam Variant

This ballot is open to both VITA members and non-members. Non-members should contact Jing Kwok ( for login credentials.

This solicitation will be open until January 9, 2018. The roster will be vetted to ensure it meets balance, lack of dominance and openness rules. Following which a formal ballot will be sent to the registrants for voting.

Please register ONLY IF you intend to vote.