PCI-Systems Inc. now offers CHEETAH THE VPX BACKPLANE.

PCI-Systems Inc. now offers CHEETAH THE VPX BACKPLANE.

14 slot PCIe Gen3 backplane, 16 lanes per slot
14 slot PCIe Gen3 backplane, 16 lanes per slot
mezzanine, patent pending 3D backplane system
mezzanine, patent pending 3D backplane system

Sunnyvale, CA // November 15, 2013 // PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. , supplier of conduction cooled rugged computer systems, has announced its CHEETAH - THE VPX BACKPLANE: OpenVPX backplane system enabling accelerated development and deployment of highly integrated ruggedized, conduction cooled, embedded systems.

CHEETAH - THE VPX BACKPLANE: The fastest, simplest, most modular COTS as well as highly customizable 3U and 6U VPX and OpenVPX backplane system in the industry at competitive prices with lowest NRA for custom applications.

The 2 part backplane system uses a passive backplane with active control mezzanine. Rear I/O options include industry standard wiring and PCB rear I/O.

CHEETAH - THE VPX BACKPLANE patent pending backplane system features:

- Covers all OpenVPX profiles*

- 16 lanes per slot

- Smart mezzanine controls custom slot interconnections

- Smart mezzanine replaces switch slot modules, enabling shortest point to point connections between system modules

- Smart mezzanine PCIe switch, GbE Ethernet or a serial Rapid I/O switch as well as custom versions

- VITA 62 power supply specification READY

- PCIe Gen3 “noStub” routing

- IPC 600 Class III

- 10 Gig communication between mezzanine and backplane

- Industry standard cable based rear I/O (Highly customizable and easy)

- NO.WIRES PCB based rear I/O (Rugged and dependable, no wires used)

*Except COAX

PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. develops and manufactures intelligent COTS and CUSTOM VPX, OpenVPX systems, power supplies, CPU and peripheral boards/modules as well as advanced mechanical design solutions in the US and Germany for computing platforms that provide precision control of robotic and automated equipment in the semiconductor, medical and industrial equipment markets as well as for ruggedized embedded OEM applications in airborne and defence applications.



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