LinkedHope Released A 6U VPX Layer 3 Ethernet + SRIO Switch Board

September 12th, 2017, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope launched a China local-designed, local-manufactured 6U VPX switch board, named VP68802.


September 12th, 2017, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® released a China local-designed, local-manufactured 6U VPX Layer 3 Ethernet + SRIO switch board VP68802, which is compliant with VITA46 and VITA65 specifications, and is mainly applied for high-speed data exchange and routing between different boards in a VPX chassis. Designed with 6U VPX form factor, VP68802 has excellent performance in thermal dissipation and environment protection.

Integrated with Ethernet, SRIO switching and routing, VP68802 has 20 1000Base-BX Ethernet interfaces for control plane, and has 19 x4 SRIO 2.1 ports for data exchange. Therefore, VP68802 realizes internal and external data transmission with comprehensive integration. Besides, VP68802 can be installed in Single-Star Topology and Dual-Star Topology backplanes. These characteristics guarantee the stability and applicability of VP68802.

Used as system data plane, SRIO high-speed serial bus supports up to 5Gbps data transmission. Based on VP68802 switch board, LinkedHope® developed top-level management software, which can flexibly manage the port configuration, routing load and other information of the switch board.

Used as system control plane, Gigabit Ethernet is applied for data exchange (like software control information) of boards in the system, and is compliant with ARP, ICMP, OSPF, RIP, VRRP and DVMRP routing protocols. VP68802 supports functions like IPv6, VLANs, QoS, Flow control, etc., and supports SNMP, command line and WEB page management.

Besides, front panel of the module has 2/4 10Gb SFP+ optical fiber interfaces, which can be used for remote data transmission of a system or for data exchange between different chassis.

Target applications:

Radar, Sonar and other Signal Processing Systems; Outdoor Data Communication System & High Intensity Data Computing System; Outdoor Video & Multimedia Processing System

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