LinkedHope Launched a New 6U VPX L3 Ethernet and SRIO Switch Board

July 27th, 2016, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope announces its new 6U VPX L3 Ethernet and SRIO Switch board, named VP68801.


July 27th, 2016, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® announces its new 6U VPX L3 Ethernet and SRIO Switch board, named VP68801, a China Local-design, Local-manufacturing product.

VP68801 is a China local design VPX Switch, compliant with VITA46.0, VITA48, and VITA65 specifications. The Profile of VP68801 is SLT6-SWH-16U20F-10.4.2, which uses Gb Ethernet as control plane and SRIO as data plane. It is mainly applicable to high-speed data exchange and routing among different types of payload boards in a VPX chassis. The switching board is designed as 6U VPX form factor, supporting both traditional air-cooled version and conduction-cooled version. With reliable anti-shock and vibration capability, excellent heat dissipation performance and unique environment protection design, the whole board can be stably operated in the wide temperature environment of -40°C to +85°C.

VP68801 integrates Ethernet and SRIO data exchange and routing functions, adopts sixteen 1000Mb Base-BX (SGMII) Ethernet interfaces as a control plane; in addition, it adopts twenty x4 SRIO 2.1 ports as the data exchange plane, plus its 4 10Gb fiber Ethernet ports on front panel. VP68801 satisfies internal and external data transmission demands. All of these make it an outstanding product featured with comprehensive integration, easy maintenance and easy to use; and improve the reliability and applicability of equipment. VP68801, as a system switching board, can be inserted into system switching slot in many “star” topologies, such as Single-Star Topology or Dual-Star Topology architecture.

SRIO high-speed serial bus serves as the system data plane, supporting a maximum of 6.25Gbps speed rate transmission. SRIO switch routing table can be compiled through software by programmers; at the same time, SRIO switch routing table supports flexible configurations through EEPROM in-line upgrade. LinkedHope® develops the top management software based on SRIO switching board, and the software can flexibly manage the port configuration, routing load and other information of the switching board.

Gigabit Ethernet, serves as the system control plane, is used for application software control information and other data interaction of payload boards in the system, supporting full management L2/L3 Ethernet switching, and is compliant with ARP, ICMP, OSPF, RIP, VRRP, DVMRP routing protocols. VP68801 supports IPv6, VLANs, QoS, Flow control and other functions. Besides, VP68801 supports SNMP, command line and WEB page management. Front panel of the module has four 10Gb SFP+ optical fiber interfaces, which can be used as up-link ports of a system or data interconnection between different kinds of chassis.

Target applications of VP68801 include:

Radar, sonar and other signal processing systems; outdoor data communication system and high intensity data computing system; outdoor video and multimedia processing system, etc.

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