Invitation to ballot on ANSI/VITA 41.0,1,2, 42.1,2 (Stabilized Maintenance) for ANSI Accreditation

The Standards Organization () plans to submit the following standards for ANSI Stabilized Maintenance Accreditation

1. ANSI/VITA 41.0-2006 (R2011), VXS VMEbus Switched Serial Standard

2. ANSI/.1-2006 (R2011), VXS 4X InfiniBand (TM) Protocol Layer Standard

3. ANSI/VITA 41.2-2006 (R2011), VXS 4X Serial RapidIO Protocol Layer Standard

4. ANSI/.1-2006 (R2012), XMC Switched Mezzanine Card: Parallel 8/16 LP-LVDS Protocol Layer Standard

5. ANSI/VITA 42.2-2006 (R2012), XMC Serial RapidIO Protocol Layer Standard

Stabilized Maintenance Accreditation is used for standards that currently holds the status of American National Standard and has been reaffirmed at least once; and at least ten years have passed since the approval or last revision of the standard as an ANS; and the standard is required for use in connection with existing implementations or for reference purposes.

As part of the VSO policy and procedures we invite members and non-members who are directly and materially affected by the standard in question to cast a ballot for this standard. If you wish to participate in the ballot please contact Jing Kwok, VITA Technical Director at, for details to register. Registration for the ballot will close May 5, 2017.

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