Interconnects For VITA 57.4 FMC+ Standard

VITA 57.4 FMC+ Standard

As an ANSI/VITA member, Samtec supports the release of the new ANSI/VITA 57.4-2018 FPGA Mezzanine Card Plus Standard. VITA 57.4, also referred to as FMC+, expands upon the I/O capabilities defined in ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC by adding two new connectors that enable higher data rates.

FMC+ modules provide a standardized mezzanine card often employed in FPGA development solutions and by COTS manufacturers. Due to features such as their small form factor and user-defined pins, FMC+ provides attractive features to the end user while maintaining modularity. In addition to providing backward compatibility with FMC mezzanine cards, FMC+ also extends computing performance and bandwidth, all fitting within the same form factor as FMC.

SEARAY™ High-Density, High-Speed Interconnect

Samtec’s SEARAY™ vertical connectors are featured in the VITA 57.4 standard, which specifies 8.5 mm and 10 mm stack heights. SEARAY™ is capable of speeds up to 28 Gbps, provides low insertion/extraction forces, and also features solder charge terminations.

FMC+ employs a larger connector from the SEARAY™ family of high-speed, high-density arrays. This High Serial Pin Connector (HSPC) has 560 pins arranged in a 14×40 array. While new FMC+ cards can only plug into new FMC+ carriers due to their larger connectors, original FMC cards will also fit thanks to a customized polarization system providing true backward compatibility.

The FMC+ Standard increases the number of multi-gigabit interfaces from 10 to 24. In addition, there is an optional extension connector (the High Serial Pin Connector extension, or HSPCe) to boost pin-count by 80 positions, arranged in a 4×20 array. This brings the maximum multi-gigabit interfaces to 32 full duplex channels. Throughput per multi-gigabit interface has increased to 28 Gbps in each direction.