Deployable rugged conduction cooled VPX boards available based on Intel(r) E3800 series Atom(tm) processor

Concurrent Technologies is now shipping deployment quantities of the previously announced TR D2x/msd 3U VPX board in rugged conduction cooled variants

Concurrent Technologies is now shipping deployment quantities of the previously announced TR D2x/msd board in rugged conduction cooled variants. This 3U form factor board scores well in Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) comparisons with previous generation products due to its low power consumption combined with up to four-core processing capability. The rugged conduction cooled variants of the product will operate at temperatures between -40°C to +85°C at the card edge with no degradation in processor or graphics performance and have completed a range of environmental tests defined by VITA 47.

Concurrent Technologies offers a number of software packages to enhance the product for critical embedded applications, particularly within the defense and security markets. The standard BIOS can be optionally replaced with a customer configurable FastBoot package to provide a much improved boot time. A comprehensive Built-in Test (BIT) package and board level security package are also optionally available, the latter providing features designed to prevent access to sensitive data. In addition, TR D2x/msd-RC is the first product from Concurrent Technologies to be available with system management capabilities compatible with the draft VITA 46.11 standard which is intended to provide uniform management functions for VPX based equipment.

The TR D2x/msd-RC can be integrated into systems together with Concurrent Technologies’ PCI Express switches and mass storage boards. To ease integration, many of today’s leading embedded operating systems including Windows®, Linux® and VxWorks® are supported.

Glen Fawcett, CEO, Concurrent Technologies, commented "This is the second generation of rugged products that we have delivered into the market based on Intel® Atom™ technology. Over the last three years we have invested heavily to be able to provide our customers an enhanced level of application enabling software. By manufacturing our board level products to IPC-A-610 Class 3 in our own facility we believe we are able to satisfy the demanding needs of customers in the defense space”.

“TR D2x/msd is the first VPX module where we have implemented chassis manager capabilities compatible with the draft VITA 46.11 standard” Fawcett continued. “This enhances our VPX product range by including basic chassis manager capabilities as well as working in fully managed chassis environments.”