Curtiss-Wright Controls Introduces New Family of 5-Slot 6U VME Rugged Multi-Platform Mission Computer Sub-Systems

Fully Integrated/Qualified MPMC-9655 6U Subsystems Operates in 55°C Temperature with Forced Air Cooling

HIGH WYCOMBE, U.K. – October 11, 2011 – Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC), a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls and a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME, OpenVPX™, VXS and CompactPCI products for the rugged deployed defense and aerospace market, has introduced a new 6U five-slot convection-cooled rugged 3/4 ATR-style subsystem, the MPMC-9655 Multi-Platform Mission Computer (MPMC). Developed by CWCEC’s Embedded Systems group in High Wycombe, U.K., the MPMC-9655 can be configured with a 6U VPX, VME or VXS backplane, and features a power supply supporting MIL_STD-704A with 50ms hold-up. This high-performance, compact packaged COTS (PCOTS) subsystem is ideal for system designers that require a non-ITAR-restricted subsystem solution to speed and simplify the development and deployment of rugged embedded applications for the European and APAC markets.

“The MPMC-9655 is an ideal mission computer with its extensive complement of I/O interfaces, dual Power Architecture™ or Intel® SBCs, it delivers the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of deployable systems,” said Lynn Bamford, vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing. “For our European and APAC customers seeking ITAR-free processing subsystems without compromise, the MPMC-9655 is unmatched.”

The MPMC-9655 can be configured with either Power Architecture™ or Intel® processor-based single board computers (SBCs) hosted in a VME or VPX backplane. The initial configuration already delivered to a customer comprises two (2) Curtiss-Wright DMV-183 conduction cooled SBCs. The 6U VME DMV-183 supports single or dual 1.2GHz Freescale MPC7447A/7448 Power Architecture processors with AltiVec™ technology, and up to 2GB of state-of-the-art DDR SDRAM. Up to 64GB of flash memory is provided by a Curtiss-Wright DPMC-550 PMC module. The DMV-183 provides two (2) 64-bit PMC sites and an innovative complement of I/O capability such as Gigabit Ethernet, up to six (6) serial ports, up to two (2) 1553 channels, SCSI, Serial ATA, and two (2) USB 2.0 ports. This configuration provides a highly price/power/performance optimized solution for a display computer.

The MPMC-9655 also offers a broad selection of standard and optional digital and analog I/O. Its initial I/O configuration includes Ethernet, RS-232 serial, RS-422 serial, analog and DIO; two (2) dual redundant channels of MIL-STD-1553 can be supplied via a 1553 PMC module. In addition multiple video input, output and generation options are possible: initially two (2) video outputs generated via a Curtiss-Wright PMC-706 video PMC card; five (5) additional XGA and STANAG 3305B (differential) video inputs which are crossbar-switched with the internally generated video to produce five (5) independent video outputs.

Custom Variations

For applications with unique requirements, the MPMC-9655 can be ordered as a modified commercial off the shelf (MCOTS) product. MCOTS options include modified front panel connector set, modified backplane wiring or a modified card set to meet particular needs. Contact your local Curtiss-Wright representative for more information on how these system configurations can meet your program requirements.

Additionally if specific requirements cannot be met with COTS or MCOTS then a custom design can be carried out, an example which has already been delivered would be a Voice and Tone generator with a 600 ohm transformer isolated output. The tone generation and pre-recorded speech playback is offloaded from the SBC to a dedicated processor.

Environmental Qualifications

Designed for the harsh environments demanded by many of today’s military and aerospace computing applications, the MPMC-9655 ensures the highest level of performance by meeting or surpassing the MIL-E-5400T Environmental Conditions for Airborne Equipment. The sealed enclosure has been designed to pass numerous environmental tests including Temperature, Altitude, Shock, Vibration, Fluid Susceptibility, Voltage Spikes, Electrostatic Discharge and more. Circuit cards installed in the sealed compact chassis are completely isolated from external environmental conditions such as humidity, dust and sand.

The MPMC-9655 uses advanced packaging techniques to provide high performance processing power in a rugged enclosure cooled by forced air provided by the vehicle or an integral fan, operating at up to 71°C ambient temperature. This rugged Packaged COTS (PCOTS) system can be readily configured to meet the needs of the full range of military or aerospace requirements, from benign laboratory to harsh deployed ground vehicle environments, simplifying and speeding the development and deployment of critical applications.

The PCOTS Advantage

The MPMC-9655 can greatly reduce up-front development costs. This pre-integrated PCOTS system delivers economies of scale in production that reduce recurring costs while meeting the I/O, performance and environmental requirements of unique, demanding military programs.

MPMC-9655 System Key Features:

· 6U VME or VPX backplane

· Non-ITAR restricted product family

· Flexible/Comprehensive Digital and Analog Input/Output options

· 10kg (fully populated)

· 3/4 ATR Short (303mm x 190.5mm x 194mm).

· MIL-E-5400T Class 2X

· 28VDC input per MIL-STD-704A including 50ms hold-up

Fully developed configurations are now shipping.

About Curtiss-Wright Controls Rugged Embedded Systems

As an independent design and manufacturing facility, the CWCEC Rugged Embedded Systems group provides its UK and European customers with ITAR-free designs. The Rugged Embedded Systems group mirrors the resources and capabilities of Curtiss-Wright Controls PCOTS team located in its San Diego, CA business unit, to provide the equivalent level of systems integration and support.

Rugged Embedded Systems products are designed using Curtiss-Wright Controls and third-party components, including hardware, software and HDL. The resulting fully integrated systems promote design re-use and minimize customer NRE for future designs. CWCEC’s UK/Europe-based Rugged Embedded Systems group and San Diego, CA-based PCOTS group provide comprehensive subsystems design services, including the coordination of custom enclosure development, board level design and customer support. All aspects of subsystem integration are overseen, including program management, supply chain management, and life cycle management.

Rugged Embedded Systems products leverage COTS board content. They are tested and proven for interoperability in a myriad of hardened military application environments. Because they are based on existing COTS components, and re-use designs when possible, Rugged Embedded Systems products are economically priced and provide a stable and solid platform for building faster-to-market applications.

Additionally, the Rugged Embedded Systems strategy greatly simplifies a customer’s supply-chain requirements. That’s because a Rugged Embedded Systems product has only a single part number to track, rather than a list of numbers, from a variety of suppliers, for all the disparate components (boards, cables, chassis, etc.) that comprise the product.

For pricing information, please contact the factory.

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