Curtiss-Wright Announces First Virtex(r)-7 6U VPX Module with Industry's Highest Performance ADC/DAC module for Wideband, Low-Latency Electronic Warfare Applications

New Rugged CHAMP-WB-DRFM Card Set is first to feature advanced 12.5 GS/s ADC/DAC technologies from Tektronix: Delivers 3x previously obtainable bandwidth performance

CHAMP-WB-DRFM Card Set is first to feature advanced 12.5 GS/s ADC/DAC
CHAMP-WB-DRFM Card Set is first to feature advanced 12.5 GS/s /

ASHBURN, VA – January 25, 2013 – (CWCDS), a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls, has introduced the CHAMP-WB (“WideBand”), the Industry’s first Xilinx® Virtex®-7 ™ COTS designed for sense-and-response applications that require high bandwidth and minimal latency. In addition, Curtiss-Wright is also introducing its first module for the CHAMP-WB, the TADF-4300, featuring Tektronix Component Solutions’ 12.5 GS/s -to-Digital (ADC) and /Digital-to-Analog (DAC) technologies. Combined, these two modules form the CHAMP-WB-DRFM and provide the highest bandwidth/highest resolution platform for wideband Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) processing available in the embedded defense and aerospace market, delivering an unprecedented 12.5 GS/s 8-bit ADC and 12.5 GS/s 10-bit DAC performance from a single 6U slot.

This new rugged 6U card set is the first product resulting from Curtiss-Wright’s recently announced technology and marketing partnership with Tektronix Component Solutions, and features the jointly-developed TADF-4300 module. The CHAMP-WB-DRFM card set is optimized for EW applications and provides the industry’s lowest latency, highest performance ADC/DAC performance and highest available I/O bandwidth. Based on Tektronix’s silicon germanium (SiGe) based data converters, the TADF-4300, when coupled with the CHAMP-WB’s on-board Virtex®7 and high-speed wideband interfaces, enables designers to develop powerful embedded DRFM solutions with 3x the performance of existing CMOS-based offerings.

As a standalone card, the CHAMP-WB is designed to support any application that needs large amounts of I/O bandwidth coupled with significant FPGA processing and minimal delay. Its modular design supports both standard Virtex®7 -compatible FMC ( 57) mezzanine cards as well as providing for higher throughput modules such as the TADF-4300. These cards support commercial applications such as direct RF digitization, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and coherent optical applications, as well as enabling deployed defense and aerospace, sense & response applications that require wideband capability and low latency, such as DRFM, EW, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).

In addition to operating as a 12.5 GS/s ADC/DAC unit the TADF-4300 module can also operate in a dual-channel 6.25 GS/s ADC-only or DAC-only mode. The module contains built-in clock generation and calibration logic for maintaining optimal performance in different environments and over temperature.

“Our new CHAMP-WB-DRFM card set represents a game-changer for high performance EW processing using open standards-based COTS technology,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. “This rugged engine brings unprecedented levels of functionality and capability to EW applications by combining our partner Tektronix’s industry-leading ADC/DAC performance with our expertise in high performance, rugged, embedded computing.”

“The establishment of our data converters business was in direct response to requests from instrumentation customers to access the underlying high-performance ADC and DAC technologies,” said Tom Buzak, president, Tektronix Component Solutions. “While we continue to offer custom solutions incorporating our data converters, the combination of our technology with Curtiss-Wright’s expertise in ruggedized embedded computing systems delivers next-generation performance to a host of commercial and defense applications requiring standard form factors.”

Unprecedented DSP Performance

The CHAMP-WB couples the dense processing resources of a single large Virtex®7 FPGA with two high-bandwidth enhanced FMC mezzanine sites on a rugged 6U OpenVPX™ () form factor module. The board’s data plane connects directly to the FPGA with support for Gen2 Serial ® (SRIO) data plane fabric. Alternate fabrics can also be supported with different . A Gen3 PCI Express® (PCIe) switch connected to the board’s expansion plane enables a single host card, such as Curtiss-Wright’s VPX6-1957 or CHAMP-AV8 to control multiple CHAMP-WB cards without utilizing data-plane bandwidth.

Memory support on the CHAMP-WB includes two (2) 64-bit 4 GB DDR3L memory banks that provide up to 8 GB of on-card data capture or pattern generation capability.

The CHAMP-WB features two (2) high-bandwidth FMC sites that have been enhanced with an auxiliary connector to provide additional I/O capability. Twenty back-plane SERDES links, which can operate up to 10.3 Gbps, and 16 LVDS pairs provide additional I/O capability.

The TADF-4300 module supports sampling in the 2nd nyquist zone, to analyze signals up to 8 GHz and provides sub-30 ns latency for the ADC and sub 10ns for the DAC. Spurious Free Dynamic Range varies over frequency, and is >58 dB up to 3 GHz and decreases to 45 dB from 3 GHz to 6 GHz signal input frequency. ENOB varies linearly from 7.2 at low frequency, 6.5 at 3 GHz and 6.2 at 6 GHz.

A Complete System Offering

The CHAMP-WB, the newest addition to Curtiss-Wright’s HPEC (High Performance Embedded Computing) product family, and the TADF-4300 module complement Curtiss-Wright’s wide range of Intel® and Power® Architecture-based VME and SBCs, DSP engines and GP-GPU engines, such as the VPX6-1957, and CHAMP-AV8, as well as Curtiss-Wright’s broad range of I/O FMC mezzanine products including the FMC-516/518. Combining these products with Curtiss-Wright’s switch and backplane products enables system designers to quickly and easily develop interoperable highly scalable, high performance systems.

CHAMP-WB Performance Features:

OpenVPX™ (VITA 65) profile MOD6-PAY-4FIQ2U2T-12.2.1-1: 1” pitch format

VPX REDI (VITA 48 option)

User-programmable Xilinx® Virtex®-7 FPGA (X690T or X980T)

8 GB DDR3L SDRAM in two banks

Four (4) 4-lane serial data plane links to the backplane

Up to 10.3 Gbps data rates


One (1) 4-lane Gen3 PCIe connection to onboard Gen3 PCIe switch

16 LVDS pairs to the backplane

Two (2) enhanced FMC (VITA 57) mezzanine sites with 128 differential signal pairs

Site #1 supports JESD204B FMCs with up to 8 serial links

Site #2 has optional support for up to 160 LVDS pairs with X690T FPGA

Two (2) 8-lane expansion plane fabric ports to the backplane

Configurable NTB support

Sensors for monitoring board power consumption

Support for ChipScope™ Pro and JTAG processor debug interfaces

Backplane clock/sync paths to mezzanines sites

VITA67.2 backplane option

Ruggedization levels supported range from Air-cooled Level 0 (commercial) to Conduction-cooled Level 200 (future)

TADF-4300 Performance Features:

Features Tektronix ADC/DAC technologies to support high resolution, high bandwidth and generation

Double-wide enhanced FMC module

12.5 GS/s 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter

12.5 GS/s 10-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

Onboard, programmable sample clock

External reference clock input to support multi-channel synchronization

Streaming interface to host FPGA for continuous full-rate acquisition applications

Air-cooled and Conduction-cooled

Software support for the CHAMP-WB includes Curtiss-Wright’s industry leading FXTools BSP and FPGA design kit, which features highly-optimized IP Blocks, development environment, reference designs, scriptable simulation test benches and software libraries. Operating environment support includes VxWorks® and ® variants.

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Price and Availability

Please contact the factory for information about pricing. For more information on the CHAMP-WB-DRFM please visit our website.

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