BenQ Materials Showcases Diversified Functional Film Applications and Unveils Innovative PNLC at Display Week 2018

BenQ Materials, professional manufacturer of functional film, is proud to showcases diversified functional film applications and unveils innovative PNLC at Display Week 2018

BenQ Materials participates the Display Week 2018 and showcases full line functional film solutions for different applications, including high durability display for automobile applications, rollable & foldable AMOLED applications, customizable 8K high resolution products for specific target markets and smart optical films for automobile and interior decorating applications. An innovative PNLC product is displayed as well to specific demonstrate its application on automobile.

Comprehensive Functional Film Solution

BenQ Materials showcases a display wall to demonstrate its ability on offering high durability functional film solutions. Visitors can easily learn its performance on free shape design and wide viewing angle capability.

For the coming trend of rollable and foldable application, BenQ Materials provides flexible solutions, such as ultra slim polarizer, OCA, and cover window with high mechanical properties. The feature of rollable and high mechanical properties will be demonstrated.

In order to meet the demand of 8K high quality display and highly custom services, BenQ Materials offers advanced precision machining and touch related optical film products.

Innovation and Breakthrough – PNLC

PNLC (Polymer Network Liquid Crystal) is a reverse type comparing to traditional PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal). BenQ Materials PNLC Film is a world-leading breakthrough. It can see through when power is turned off, and when power is turned on, it turns out to be opaque which enables privacy. This unique design will increase its diverse applications for lifestyle, home-deco, industry and automobile. Better yet, it saves 50% of power, compared to PDLC applications.

BenQ Materials PNLC Film particularly aims for smart automotive applications such as energy-saving sunlight shading. Its reverse-mode liquid crystal could allow automobiles to operate in safe mode while emergency power-off occurs. The innovative PNLC product is the first of the world in film form, with rollable capability, which increases its applicative possibilities in versatile circumstance. Last, but not the least, the film also enables back-projected image display which also enriches its future applications and can be potentially used beyond present-day imagination. By showcasing the innovative PNLC Film, BenQ Materials is open to further collaboration in different fields and applications.

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About BenQ Materials

Established in 1998, BenQ Materials started as an optical storage manufacturer and has gradually changed its core business to material science field in recent years. Product lines include Optical Film, Advanced Battery Materials, Healthcare products while product brands include AnsCare® biomedical solutions, dermaAngel® skin care solutions and miacare® vision care solutions. BenQ Materials is headquartered in Taiwan with research sites, manufacturing facilities and business offices over Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.