Acromag Introduces New VPX 6U Carrier Cards, Hosting XMC & AcroPack mPCIe I/O Modules

Acromag's latest OpenVPX(tm) carrier boards feature five mezzanine slots to interface a combination of modules to the bus over a high-speed PCIe Gen 3 link.

Shown: VPX4520 and VPX4521 OpenVPX 6U carrier cards for XMC and AcroPack I/O modules
Shown: VPX4520 and VPX4521 OpenVPX 6U carrier cards for XMC and AcroPack I/O modules

Wixom, MI – July 15, 2019 – Acromag expands their offering of OpenVPX™ solutions with the new Model VPX4520 and VPX4521 6U carrier cards, providing mezzanine slots for one XMC and four mini-PCIe or AcroPack™ I/O modules. The XMC module site can host a network communication, FPGA, GPU, SBC, or other I/O signal processor card. The four AcroPack™ slots provide a rugged PCIe mini card interface for a mix of analog, digital, serial, and other I/O functions. A PCIe Gen 3 x16 interface connects to the VPX bus either via the data plane or expansion plane. Convection and conduction-cooled versions are available with support for extended temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C. Air-cooled models offer front panel access to the I/O while conduction models route all signals to the rear backplane connectors.

Designed for critical, high-performance computing applications, Acromag’s VPX carrier boards and I/O modules are well suited for use in military, aerospace, laboratory and industrial applications. Typical applications include: data acquisition and control, test and measurement, simulation, and communication operations. For broader flexibility with third-party modules, the XMC site is available with either VITA 42 or VITA 61 connectors. Support for upstream and downstream PCIe links provides compatibility with prXMC single board computers. Acromag offers a variety of XMC modules with FPGA and up to 10-gigabit Ethernet NIC capabilities. To meet higher reliability requirements, mini PCIe-based AcroPack I/O modules securely route I/O signals directly through the carrier to eliminate any loose internal cabling. AcroPacks can interface A/D, D/A, DIO, 232/485, 1553, CAN, and other signals.

“This VPX 6U carrier offers unprecedented flexibility to provide more computing functions within a single card slot,” stated Robert Greenfield, Acromag Business Development Manager. “With five sites to plug in any mix of modules, you can combine an XMC processor plus four different I/O interfaces.”

AcroPack mezzanine modules improve on the mini PCI Express architecture by adding a down-facing 100-pin connector that securely routes the I/O through a carrier card to its integrated external connectors. Over 25 models are available for data acquisition, signal processing, test & measurement, command/control, and network communication applications. Software tools support embedded applications running on Linux®, Windows®, or VxWorks® operating systems.

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