4DSP Announces a High I/O Density, SWAP Optimized Compact Embedded System for Accelerating Development

The CES821 can serve as a customizable standalone lab platfrom or a deployed embedded solution for applications such as digital beamforming, MIMO software defined radio, multi-channel RADAR, direction finding and more.

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - November 15, 2016) - 4DSP, a global provider of FPGA based digital signal processing solutions, today announced the launch of the CES821, a SWAP optimized Compact Embedded System. Budget cuts and sequestration on military budgets have shifted development costs to contractors and have increased the importance of COTS electronics in prototyping and deployment of embedded systems. Obsolescence, cost of development, and maximizing performance while restricting size, weight, and power are perennial challenges to embedded systems development for aerospace and defense industries. Ideal for development and prototyping, 4DSP’s CES821 can help systems engineers address these organizational and technological challenges.

The integrated compact embedded system can serve as a customizable standalone lab platform or a deployed embedded solution for digital beamforming, MIMO software defined radio, multi-channel RADAR, direction finding and more. Integrating an Intel Atom processor, Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA and 4DSP’s reliable FMCs for I/O, the CES821 provides a robust development platform featuring the latest FPGA technology optimized for low power applications. By leveraging 4DSP’s FMC stacking technology, the CES821 possesses highly dense I/O with sixteen A/D channels and sixteen D/A channels sampling at 125 MSPS at 14-bits and 312.5 MSPS at 16-bits respectively.

“The density of I/O, small form factor, and Board Support Package options make the CES821 a cost-effective alternative to in-house embedded system development,” said Rick Ary, VP of Sales for 4DSP. “Previous generations of the system have helped customers significantly reduce time to market. Built with the latest FPGA technology, the CES821 will continue to help customers accelerate development while combating obsolescence by leveraging cutting edge technology.”

The CES821 offers multiple benefits including:

• Reduced development time. Engineers can begin working on their proprietary IP right away when using reference designs that are included with a Board Support Package.

• An integrated solution. Since the CES821 is available in benchtop or conduction cooled versions, engineers can begin development work in the lab, then deploy the same system in the field without having to change system architecture.

• Low SWaP. With a mere 132 x 96 x 125 mm footprint, 0.95 Kg weight, and 16-30 V power consumption, the CES821 is ideal for development and deployment on UAVs and other SWaP constrained applications.

• Reduced cost of development.

For more product information, visit www.4dsp.com/ces821 or reach out to sales@4dsp.com to speak with a technical expert.