Update from the May VSO meeting

PHOENIX, AZ. Jing Kwok was named the new Technical Director of VITA in April of 2014, and the title was effective on May 1. Due to travel delays, Jing was not able to make it to the beginning of the May VITA Standards Organization (VSO) meeting. John Rynearson, former technical director of VITA, presented the slides Jing compiled. John is still involved with VITA and is currently working with Jing on the transition, calling himself “technical director support.”

“I look forward to taking on the role of VITA’s technical director,” stated Jing in the official VITA press release. “VITA and its members are well-known for the development of important standards for the embedded computing industry. We have a pipeline full of developing standards projects for the working groups to complete.”

In his new role, Jing is responsible for guiding the development of standards for the critical and intelligent embedded computing industry.

Jing first became involved with VITA in the early 1990s, when he began participating in VITA standards development. Jing has led or participated in multiple projects from architecture of various products to detailed design throughout his career at DY-4, Curtiss-Wright, and other companies.

“We are excited to have Jing join the VITA team. His experience with the development of key specifications will be invaluable as we take VITA to the next level,” commented Jerry Gipper, VITA executive director.

In addition to the change in technical director, other changes have been made within VITA, such as transitioning to Kavi software to provide a new organizational tool called VITA Workspace. This simplifies various processes and enables members more flexibility to complete tasks on their own, including scheduling meetings, viewing and editing the company roster and contact information, posting documents, calendar scheduling, and more. John and Jing have been working together on implementing Kavi and working out the technical bugs.

The May VSO meeting will wrap up today, May 15, at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit www.vita.com.