XMC High Speed 32-channel Programmable Range 16-bit D/A

ALPHI Technology Corporation

XMC-SoftDAC-32FThe XMC-SoftDAC-32F is a single-wide PCIe x1 XMC module that provides up to 32 channels of high-speed 2µs 16-bit analog outputs with individually‑programmable ranges. The board architecture has a very large buffer memory that is optimized for high‑speed DMA transfers. This allows maximum transfer speed rates with minimal processor load, while making programming simple and logical.

XMC-SoftDAC-32F features include:
•  32 Channels, 16 Bits D/A
•  2 µs settling time, 0-5V range
•  Six programmable output ranges per channel
–  Unipolar mode: 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V
–  Bipolar mode: ±5V, ±10V, ±2.5V, –2.5V to 7.5V
•  2M X16 DAC buffers
•  Two-stage buffers
•  Global output buffer with internal or external triggering
•  Flash EPROM for configuration file
•  VITA 42, single-wide XMC module

The output voltage ranges are individually selectable on a per‑channel basis. Within a channel, data can be changed on the fly within the data stream. The data sample FIFO contains 1 million samples and can be filled using DMA.

The XMC-SoftDAC-32F is an optimal solution for COTS aerospace/defense, industrial or transportation applications:
•  Aerospace and defense
•  Waveform generator
•  Transportation applications
•  Test equipment supporting evaluation, simulation
•  Monitoring and analysis
•  Operational equipment

•  Size: XMC single-width (74mm x 149mm)
•  Front panel I/O
•  Vibration: 0.5G, 20-2000Hz rand
•  Shock: 20G, 11msec, ½ sine
•  MTBF: >250,000 hours

Operating Environment
•  Operating temperature
•  Industrial: -40°C to +85°C
•  Non-operating: -55°C to +100°C
•  Humidity: 5 to 90% (non-condensing)
•  Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet

Available software: Windows®, Linux® and VxWorks® drivers, and C library dll’s.

XMC-SoftDAC-32F data sheet: www.alphitech.com/doc/XMC-SoftDAC-32F.pdf

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