Schroff Calmark 280HT High Thermal Card Lok


280HTHigh Thermal 280HT Card Loks provide up to a 15% thermal performance improvement over conventional Card Loks by minimizing thermal resistance. Unlike a traditional Card Lok, the HT features solid brackets along the length of the Card Lok that provide a continuous 280HT-Cutawayand uniform surface along the PCB, heat frame and along the cold wall. The geometry of the internal design minimizes the heat path distance so heat flows nearly directly from the board to the cold wall.
The High Thermal 280HT Series:

  • Provides best-in-class thermal performance vs. cost
  • Reliably secures and cools mission critical electronics
  • Is optimized for SWaP (Size, Weight and Power requirements
  • Supports DFARS, NADCAP, and other quality requirements

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