Retain and Cool Your PCB in Harsh Environments


nVent SCHROFF’s Conduction Cooled Assembly (CCA) is designed to retain and cool printed circuit boards in severe environments where convection cooling cannot be used. The CCA also provides needed structural support of a plug-in module when used in high-shock and vibration environments such as military and defense and commercial aerospace systems.


The CCA consists of a frame which features nVent SCHROFF High Performance Card Loks and tolerance compensating extractors to enhance performance. The High Clamp Force card loks improve clamp force three times better than standard card loks while still maintaining a small profile. Meanwhile, tolerance compensating extractors maintain positive pressure on connectors during installation and are ideal for maintenance in the field with a gloved hand.


SCHROFF’S CCA saves end users time and sourcing costs by allowing them to manage the entire assembly with one part number. Users can easily modify their CCA based on board layout and cooling needs. In addition, users have the ability to use full design services such as working with nVent engineers to overcome thermal dissipation challenges while meeting size and weight requirements. nVent also allows customers to download, pre-configured CAD templates that meet relevant standards from nVent’s website.

Contact:  Matt Haile

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