M4050-1 VITA 62 Compliant 3U VPX

Milpower Source

3U-VPXMilpower Source proudly offers the MILVPX product family, VPX VITA 62 power supplies; designed for defense applications, and configurable to meet your unique requirements. The M4050 VITA 62 Compliant 3U VPX, is a military-qualified DC-DC Converter that has 4 outputs, fast initialization time, efficiency up to 87%, 150W, all while operating at -55°C to +90°C (at unit edge). Military-qualified units are available in off-the-shelf and custom configurations, the MILVPX product family will deliver exactly the right VPX power supply solution for any defense application requirement.

Special features for this unit includes, VITA 62 compliant, wide input range, remote sense, fixed switching frequency (250khz), EMI filters included, I2C communication, indefinite short circuit protection, input-over-voltage shutdown with auto-recovery, reverse battery protection and over temperature shutdown with auto-recovery.

The power supply steady state operation voltage is 18VDC to 36VDC and will continuously work at input voltages up to 50VDC and down to 16VDC. During transients or surges above 50VDC or below 16VDC for more than 50µSec the unit will shut down.

All of Milpower Source’s military-qualified power conversion solutions are configurable, work with an engineer to define the specifications, from power, to input/output and even form factor, to achieve a custom design. We will deliver an exceptional configuration-controlled product, backed by high-quality service, to satisfy any military power conversion requirements.

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