First 100Gb-Capable 6U VPX FPGA Board, for High-Bandwidth Applications

Annapolis Micro Systems

VPX-FPGAAnnapolis Micro Systems is now shipping its first COTS FPGA board with 100Gb capability. The WILDSTAR™ 6XB2 6U OpenVPX FPGA Processor’s superior bandwidth and performance is designed to address the most challenging real-time data digitization, processing, and storage applications.

The 6XB2 integrates two Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale+™ FPGAs and a Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC motherboard controller. The high-performance board also has two WILD FMC+ (WFMC+™) next generation I/O sites, for dense, high-bandwidth ADCs and/or DACs.

High-bandwidth backplane connectivity is enabled by MULTIGIG RT3 interconnects. The new high-density RT3 boosts VPX backplane speeds to a remarkable 25 Gbaud, without sacrificing signal integrity. The RT3 maintains backwards compatibility with the earlier MULTIGIG RT2.


  • RT3 backplane connectors deliver 100Gb per Fat Pipe
  • 2 Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs
  • 1 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Motherboard Controller
  • 2 WILD FMC+ (WFMC+) I/O sites support 32 HSS & 100 LVDS
  • VITA 66/67 support, including two x4 FireFly™ optical transceivers
  • Air- or conduction-cooled
    • -55˚C to 85˚C Operating
    • -65˚C to 105˚C Storage
  • Developed in alignment with SOSA™
  • See 3U & PCIe alternatives

Founded in 1982, Annapolis Micro Systems is the leader in FPGA-based super-high-performance systems utilized for signal processing applications for defense and commercial requirements.

Annapolis systems are truly COTS-based due to the development of a breakthrough product line – WILDSTAR™ – and EcoSystem – WILD100™ – that feature unprecedented interoperability, scalability, and forward/backward compatibility.

All Annapolis products are engineered and manufactured under one roof in the United States. This co-location of engineering and manufacturing allows for better quality control and production flexibility, and significantly more aggressive delivery schedules.

Time to market is also accelerated by Annapolis’ Open Project Builder™, an open application development tool that significantly simplifies and speeds programming.

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