Diplomat desktop and caseframe enclosures


enclosuresThe field-proven Diplomat family from Verotec is an elegantly styled enclosure, available as a 19 inch or 10.5 inch wide thermally managed, EMC capable unit suitable for housing stand-alone systems, as a 19 inch caseframe for direct mounting of boards and modules and as a vertical tower unit. Manufactured as standard in 3U, 4U, 6U and 9U heights and depths of 12.7 inches, 16.6 inches, 20.6 inches and 24.5 inches (322, 422, 522 and 622mm), the Diplomat is particularly suitable for medical technology applications, the research environment and as the housing for a wide variety of desktop instruments.

With power densities steadily increasing, effective ventilation is of paramount importance. All horizontal cases and caseframes can be fitted with a filtered ventilation plinth that replaces the standard base cover. The plinth can be fitted with fans to push air into the unit or it can provide increases air throughput if fans are mounted in the rear panel to draw air out of the case. The cool air is directed through the active equipment area by a duct plate that blanks off the space behind circuit boards.

For applications that require enhanced EMC attenuation, both cases and caseframes are available as Diplomat-RF versions, which, while externally identical to the standard units, include beryllium copper finger gaskets that can be fitted to the top and bottom covers at variable spacing depending on the attenuation level required. EMC panels and, for ventilated plinth versions, an alternative finely pierced base cover, enable attenuation of levels of around 100dB at 1MHz to be achieved.

Optional extras include a range of transparent front doors, formed from strong, shatterproof tinted acrylic. The U section lockable doors can be vertically or horizontally hinged and incorporate coloured styling trims. Also available are rear bump down feet, a heavy-duty carry handle, telescopic slides for subrack/chassis mounting in the 19 inch case versions and carpet gliders for the tower versions.

One-off pricing starts at $160 for the half-width 3U size, $225 for the 3U full width. Volume discounts apply.

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