Defining New Parameters in Graphics Processing: Rugged XMC Simultaneously Delivers 6 Independent Video Outputs

Aitech Defense Systems

Rugged M596Using the powerful Radeon E8860 GPU, the rugged M596 embedded video and graphics XMC from Aitech Defense Systems Inc. captures multiple video inputs and drives up to six simultaneous independent video outputs with full video switching capabilities.

By pairing the E8860 GPU with additional on-board resources, such as an optional FPGA, the M596 delivers a much wider variety of video I/O interfaces than many other E8860-based products.  These interfaces include DVI output channels as well as S-Video and STANAG 3350 inputs and outputs.  For legacy systems with older display technology, the M596 drives composite (RS-170A [NTSC]/PAL) displays.

The optional FPGA also provides signal conditioning, compression and additional graphics overlay/underlay functionality.

The E8860 provides many native features including 2 GB of integrated GDDR5 SDRAM, video and audio decompression units, graphics language acceleration with support for DirectX and OpenGL and parallel processing engines with OpenCL support.

On its own, the E8860 GPU supports a limited number of output interfaces. Aitech's implementation, with additional on-board video conversion resources included in the optional FPGA, provides a much wider variety of video I/O interfaces not natively supported by the GPU.

For video overlay/underlay, the GPU graphics can be superimposed on video input streams and drive the combined result to any of the six independent monitors.

The M596 XMC connects to the host system with an eight-lane PCIe link for high-speed transfer of graphics and video and is available with support for Windows and VxWorks.

Systems employing the M596 have access to the greatest levels of real-time graphics processing available in high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) today.  It is particularly useful in harsh environments that have versatile video overlay and capture requirements, such as advanced civil or military aviation or ground vehicle systems.

Several hardware engines, such as graphics language acceleration, parallel processing engines and video and audio decompression units, are integrated into the rugged M596.  It supports the most advanced graphics and video standards including DirectX, OpenGL and Shader.


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