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In-Line Couplers are predominately utilized in airborne applications but can also be used where space is limited such as testers and simulators. The products were designed to meet the environmental requirements imposed by the military, temperature range of -55°C to 125°C.

Box Couplers and in-line couplers are the key components in the fabrication of your bus architecture. Excalibur provides a full line of standard couplers as well as custom couplers to your requirements. If you have a requirement for couplers, Excalibur's products are cost competitive, with delivery from stock.

Bus Switches are devices that enable system architecture to be reconfigured. This reconfiguration is mostly accomplished in the test environment and includes but is not limited to simulation of missile firing and switching in or out a new section of bus interface.

Excalibur Systems is the only manufacturer of devices (ESI-R24/27/28) that contain their own TTL driver circuitry that allows them to be directly driven from a computer.


The ESI-1553RPT Repeater box was developed for customers who need to extend the existing length of their bus or provide the capability to utilize long stubs or to connect a number of devices to a single stub. Delay through the unit is in the range of typically 700 nsec. to 900 nsec. maximum. Each connection to the bus is made through the implementation of a bus coupler in various configurations. Standard MIL-STD-1553 transceivers and are utilized to steer and shape the received signals, and retransmit them in the correct direction.

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