Amphenol-BSI VPX® Backplanes


backplaneAmphenol-BSI have been designing, assembling and testing backplanes for more than 30 years. Amphenol’s experience of interconnect design, manufacturing, development and electrical test technologies allows Amphenol-BSI to deliver the highest performance backplane at a product cost you can bring to the market. As part of the Amphenol Corporation, we continue to invest in our technologies to ensure we remain positioned as the most extensively tooled Backplane Supplier in the industry.

VPX® Backplanes

  • Rugged Eurocard 3U and 6U form factors.
  • Supports Rear Transition Modules.
  • Slot pitch 1.0”, maximum 20 slots.
  • System Management.
  • Multiple fabrics:
    • Ethernet
    • PCIe
    • Infiniband
    • Serial RapidIO
  • Scalable cost and performance:


Enabling the Evolution of Technology

Modern demands on data, latency and security requires a new generation of product. Data rates are growing exponentially, and this is driving the evolution of communications technology to meet those demands. This evolution in technology requires an advancement in the design, manufacture and test of your products. Amphenol-BSI are uniquely placed to provide that advancement as you move your product to the next generation. We provide the products of today, while safeguarding the technologies of tomorrow.

Amphenol-BSI are enabling the evolution of backplane technology 

  • Ethernetevolution
  • PCIe
  • Infiniband
  • Serial RapidIO
  • USB



Your backplane design partner

  • Industry leading assembly and test technology.
  • Advanced PCB capabilities and partnerships.
  • Innovative backplane system design.
  • Integrated Applications Engineering services.
  • Signal Integrity simulation.
  • Dynamic, global support.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Mechanical and Enclosure solutions.

Fully customized backplane solutions


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