VXSí VITA 41.6 passes recirculation ballot, heads to ANSI recognition

VITA technical director John Rynearson gives an update on the latest VITA standards, including VITA 41.6, 41.8, 42.0, 46.3, 46.10, 46.12, 49.0, and 49.1.

VSO ANSI accreditation

Accredited as a Standards Development Organization (SDO) in June 1993 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) meets every two months to address vital embedded bus and board industry standards issues. Information on ANSI/VITA standards is available on the VITA website at www.vita.com.

VSO study and working group activities

Standards within the VSO may be initiated by a study group and developed by a working group. A study group requires the sponsorship of only one VSO member and is used to build interest in a standard. A working group requires the sponsorship of at least three VITA members, and the proposed work must fit within the defined scope of VITA's accreditation with ANSI.

VITA 41.6, VXS 1X GbE Control Channel Layer

Objective: To define and assign 1X GbE signals for communication over signal sets currently defined as reserved for future use in VXS.0

Status: The working group reviewed the ballot comments from the ANSI ballot and revised the draft. A recirculation ballot was held and passed with 17 approve and 2 disapprove. The results will be submitted to ANSI for recognition.

VITA 41.8, VXS 10 GbE Protocol Layer Standard

Objective: Implement 10 GbE protocol

Status: The working group is developing the draft and expects to have it available before the next VSO meeting in September.

VITA 42.0, XMC

Objective: Expand PMC to include serial fabrics.

Status: After review of the recirculation draft, several issues were discovered that had held up submission of VITA 42.0 to ANSI. These issues were resolved, and VITA 42.0 should be submitted to ANSI shortly.

VITA 46.3, Serial RapidIO on VPX Fabric Connector

Objective: To assign Serial RapidIO 1x/4x links onto the VPX P1/J1 connector and to provide rules and recommendations for the use of the Serial RapidIO links.

Status: Draft 0.6 was released at the beginning of July, and the signal integrity budget is being reviewed. The group is discussing whether crosstalk should be part of the jitter budget or the loss budget.

VITA 46.10, Rear Transition Module for VPX

Objective: Define a Rear Transition Module (RTM) for VPX applications.

Status: Draft 0.7 was released in the beginning of July. The working group voted to move the draft into the ANSI process. Ballot solicitation will start shortly.

VITA 46.12, Fiber Optic Interconnect

Objective: To create a fiber optic connector standard for VPX.

Status: A connector style has been selected. Multiple vendors have agreed to work together to provide interoperable connectors. An initial draft of the standard should be available soon.

VITA 49.0, VITA Radio Transport (VRT)

Objective: To define a transport-layer protocol designed to promote interoperability between RF receivers and signal processing equipment in a wide range of applications.

Status: The working group voted to move VITA 49.0 to the ANSI ballot process.

VITA 49.1, VITA Radio Link Layer (VRL)

Objective: To specify an optional encapsulation protocol for VITA 49.0 (VRT) packets.

Status: The working group voted to move VITA 49.1 to the ANSI ballot process.

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Editor's note: By the time you read this in October, the September VSO meeting will have taken place.

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