VITA 66.0 receives ANSI recognition

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This update is based on the July 2011 VSO meeting. Additional VSO meetings are scheduled for September and November 2011.

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VSO ANSI accreditation

Accredited as a Standards Development Organization (SDO) in June 1993 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) meets every two months to address vital embedded bus and board industry standards issues. Information on ANSI/VITA standards is available on the VITA website at

VSO study and working group activities

Standards within the VSO may be initiated by a study group and developed by a working group. A study group requires the sponsorship of only one VSO member. A working group requires the sponsorship of at least three VITA members.

VITA 60, Alternative Connector for VPX

Objective: Standardize an alternative connector for VPX that is PCB compatible but not mechanically interoperable with the VITA 46 standard.

Status: A working group ballot has been completed and the working group is making minor revisions to the draft. After the revisions, VITA 60 will be moved into the ANSI ballot process.

VITA 61, XMC 2.0

Objective: To specify an alternative connector for use on XMC mezzanine modules.

Status: The working group voted to move VITA 61 into the ANSI ballot process. The initial ANSI ballot has closed and one negative ballot was received. The negative ballot comment was rejected and a recirculation ballot, which will close at the end of August, has started.


Objective: To provide a standard for commonly used VPX profiles.

Status: The draft of VITA 65 has been revised to better clarify PCI Express clocking. These changes have delayed the schedule, but a working group ballot is now in process and will close before the September VSO meeting. Comments will be reviewed at the meeting and an ANSI ballot will be started thereafter.

VITA 66.0, Optical Interconnect on VPX – Base Standard, and VITA 66.1, Optical Interconnect on VPX – MT Variant

Objective: Define a family of blind mate fiber optic interconnects for use with VITA 46 backplanes and plug-in modules.

Status: VITA 66.0, Optical Interconnect on VPX – Base Standard, and VITA 66.1, Optical Interconnect on VPX – MT Variant, have completed their ANSI ballots. VITA 66.0 was submitted to ANSI and has been recognized as an American National Standard. Copies will be available soon from VITA. VITA 66.1 is in ballot comment review. After the draft is revised, a recirculation ballot will be held.

VITA 75, Rugged Small Form Factor (RSFF)

Objective: Develop a standard for small form factor modules and enclosures for rugged environments.

Status: The working group continues to discuss the pros and cons of various box form factors and module sizes. Currently, the working group hopes to define both module and box sizes that will provide flexible solutions to this market area.

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