VITA 60 and 65.0 achieve ANSI recognition: Small form factors moving forward

For current VITA specifications:

Editor’s note: This update is based on the May 2012 VSO meeting. Upcoming VSO meetings are in July and September 2012.

VSO ANSI accreditation

Accredited as an SDO by ANSI, the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) meets every two months to address embedded bus and board industry standards issues.

VSO study and working group activities

Standards within the VSO may be initiated by a study group and developed by a working group. A study group requires the sponsorship of one VSO member, and a working group requires sponsorship of at least three VITA members.

VITA 17.2, Serial Front Panel Data Port (SFPDP) Channel Bonded Protocol

Objective: Increase the bandwidth of the VITA 17.1 link by increasing the speed of the link and by providing the ability to channel bond several lanes together.

Status: Suggestions were made to reduce implementation complexity and allow for scalable, lightweight protocol as an extension to VITA 17.1. StreamDSP is currently updating the draft specification to incorporate recent changes discussed, with the updated draft to be distributed to working group members for comment prior to the next scheduled meeting.

VITA 57.2, FMC XML Tools ( Mezzanine Card)

Objective: This standard defines an XML generator and checker tool to aid in the design of FMCs.

Status: Draft tool distributed to working group. The FMC Marketing Alliance is holding a PlugFest on August 21 and 22, 2012 to verify XML tools and module to carrier interoperability. Working group members are checking the XML tool and adding more rules to the checker.

, Alternative Connector for

Objective: Standardize an alternative connector for VPX that is PCB compatible but not mechanically interoperable with the standard.

Status: VITA 60 completed ANSI ballot in March 2012 and has received recognition as an American National Standard. Copies are available from the VITA website.

, Power Supply Standard

Objective: To provide guidelines for building a power supply module that can be used to power VPX chassis. The module will fit within the standard envelope defined for VPX modules using the specifications.

Status: VITA 62 completed an ANSI recirculation ballot and comments are being reviewed.


Objective: To provide a standard for commonly used VPX profiles.

Status: VITA 65, release 2 completed ANSI ballot and has received recognition as an American National Standard.

.3, Optical Interconnect on VPX – Expanded Beam

Objective: Define a family of blind mate fiber-optic interconnects for use with VITA 46 backplanes and plug-in modules.

Status: VITA 66.3 is in working group ballot.

.0, Coaxial Interconnect on VPX

Objective: To establish a structure for implementing blind mate coaxial interconnects with VPX backplanes and plug-in modules, and to define a specific family of interconnects and configurations within that structure.

Status: VITA 67.1 and VITA 67.2 have completed recirculation ANSI ballot. Ballot results were submitted to ANSI.

VITA 73, Rugged Small Form Factor

Objective: To define a rugged small form factor based on the mechanical hard disk 2.5" form factor standard. The electrical signal definitions, differential, single-ended, power, and maintenance are defined and are alike to the VITA 46 standard.

Status: VITA 73 is in draft form with the working group.

VITA 74, Small Form Factor, nanoATR

Objective: Define the Nano Cube and its component parts of 12.5 mm and 19 mm small form factor plug-in modules that accommodate open-standard technology for switched serial interconnects. Make optional provision for two-level maintenance Line Replaceable Modules.

Status: VITA 74 is preparing for working group ballot.

VITA 75, Rugged Small Form Factor

Objective: Define a rugged small form factor box and external box interfaces including: subsystem envelope, power and signal interfaces external to the subsystem, mechanical interface to mount the subsystem, and interface for subsystem cooling.

Status: Comments from working group ballots for VITA 75.0, VITA 75.11, VITA 75.20, and VITA 75.22 are in review.