FMC PlugFest

VITA and the FMC Marketing Alliance recently completed FMC PlugFest 2012. The PlugFest was the first utilization of FMC Check which consists of the VITA 57.2 metadata specification combined with Cloud-based builder and checker tools.

The nine sponsors provided 23 unique FMC modules that were used to test a range of application scenarios on 13 different FPGA carrier cards. The FMC PlugFest gave the participants an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and to learn more about how the tools can facilitate selection of FMCs and carriers.

I found this event especially interesting as I watched the sponsors working together to learn about the FMC Check tools and how they could be used to verify the interoperability between FMCs and various carriers. It was very satisfying to see the constructive feedback about the tools and suggestions for improvements and additional features. I can see how the checking ability will make it much easier for system architects and integrators to make product choices. To learn more, download the FMC Check fact sheet.